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A Valentines Gift Giving Guide

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A Guide to What That Special Lady Might Want for

Valentine’s Day, From the Female Perspective.

Do: Listen

Sometimes the most romantic gift is a gift she didn’t know she needed. In the weeks to come,

keep your ears peeled. If she ever experiences something that makes her day a little harder, or

would make her day a little easier, find out what it is.That kind of concern and thoughtfulness is

what will make this gift her most romantic yet.

Do: Switch It up

After spending years with the one you love, it’s easy to buy the same stale gift you know is a

winner. Spend some time looking for a gift that will surprise her. Gift giving isn’t about the act of

giving a gift, but the love and thought you put into finding something that will make her fall in

love with you all over again. Although any gift should be appreciated, a thoughtful gift will

always trump an expensive gift.

Do: Make a Plan

A Valentine’s day gift isn’t always one physical item. It could simply be spending a thoughtful

night together. Nothing is more romantic than a surprise date planned in advance. Too often

Valentine’s plans aren’t made till that night when you ask your date what she wants to do. Plan

the night ahead of time and let her know that you are preparing to make your time together as

special as it can be. All that is left to do is pick her up with some beautiful, sweet-smelling

flowers in your hands.

Don’t: Buy a Gift Card

A gift card is just about the most impersonal gift you can pick. Under no circumstances should

you choose to give your date a gift card (even if you place it in a nice card). A gift card could

make her question how much thought you put into her Valentine’s Day gift. If you were planning

on giving her a gift card, just take her to that store yourself and have a shopping date.

Don’t: Assume Diamonds are the Answer

If you’re looking for a special gift to give her, don’t forget who she is. If you are feeling stumped,

running out to get anything with a diamond might be a waste if she doesn’t wear them. Make sure

you know her taste. The most important part of all Valentine’s Day gifts is to find something that

makes her smile.

Don’t: Get Her Something for the House

When looking for a gift, don’t buy her a gift that is a supply for the house. I’m talking about a

new dish rack, ironing board, cutting board, knives, vacuum cleaner, etc. Even if you think she’ll

like it, it’s not very romantic. If you’re really in need of that appliance, buy it for her for another

time, just not as your Valentine’s gift. Since the day is all about romance, choose a gift that is

special for her.

A Guide to What That Special Man Might Want for

Valentine’s Day, From the Male Perspective.

Do: Listen

Did he say he wants lame socks and a boring tie for the most romantic holiday of the year? Get

him exactly that. If you want it to feel more romantic, you can wrap it up in a nice box and add a

sentimental note, or give it to him over a bottle of wine. In any case, showing that you listen

never goes unnoticed.

Do: Think Experiences

The one thing you can always get the man who has everything is something that he can

experience. Even if he has season tickets to his favorite sports team, there’s always something

unique to pick up. Try tickets to a theatre where you had a special date, or dinner at his favorite

restaurant. Even if you’ve been there a thousand times, nostalgia always makes for a wonderful


Do: Ask Around

Stumped as to what to get your guy? Ask his fishing buddies what he’s been talking about, or

stop off at the shop he gets most of his gadgets from. Chances are somebody has a good idea of

what he’s been looking at, but not been ready to buy.

Don’t: Go Overboard on Homemade

Avoid those homemade “back rub” vouchers. Some people can be very crafty and make some

really cool homemade projects, but unless you’re confident in your skill, avoid this approach.

You probably won’t like when he chuckles at how different it looks from the Pinterest example.

Don’t: Accidentally tell him he doesn’t look good

Remember how much you loved getting shampoo and body wash sets from your mother-in- law

for Christmas? I didn’t think so. It’s a little unflattering to give a gift that screams “You stink!” If

he’s been complaining about his beard trimmer, then he probably wants a new one, but maybe not

for Valentine’s Day.

Don’t: Expect Every Gift to be a Winner

It’s okay if you didn’t get him the best gift ever. Sometimes we misjudge how much somebody

really wants something. That’s okay, because chances are if you spent some time really thinking

about it, he can tell. Nobody wants to be guilted into pretending a gift was amazing, and

remember, it works the same way with whatever he got you. At least he tried, right?