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New AMC Renovations at CityWalk

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Universal CityWalk has been improving by leaps and bounds! As part of their high tech and elegant renovations they recently upgraded their AMC theatre. Originally opened in 1993 Universal CityWalk has been any movie aficionado’s dream come true. Located just outside the main gates to the live studio and world class theme park Universal Studios, CityWalk has been a hub for entertainment and night life for movie loving locals and tourist alike.

I went out to take a look at the movie theatre and all of it’s renovations, and I was staggered and amazed by how modern, unique and fun a movie theatre could be. I had been under the impression that movie theatres had pretty much reached the limit on innovation sometime in the early 2000’s with stadium seating and laser projectors but boy was I wrong.

From the moment you first step into the theatre you’ll feel like a director, the entire theatre emits a sense of “Hollywood Insider” that you won’t find anywhere else. They’ve redone the concept of

concession stands, by offering an entire self service area where you just pick up what you want and pay on the way out. You treat yourself to refills with virtually no wait at all. Then on the second floor a full service bar that’s open nights and weekends serves some of the most elegant and well crafted themed cocktails that you can even enjoy anywhere upstairs, including the balcony seating for a majority of the screens.

The screens are something else entirely. With a Christie RGB Laser projector that’s been ingeniously lowered to eliminate any angles or edges you will see the brightest, sharpest and most attractive picture that you’ve ever seen on screen. They paired it up with the director’s box style atmosphere with limited to no decorations on their all black theatre walls to mimic the distraction-less feeling of watching a movie and only a movie.

During my movie night, I found myself completely relaxed, and submerged in the movie. The overstuffed loveseat sized theatre seats with electronic reclining systems were easily the most comfortable and luxurious seats that I’ve ever found in a movie theatre, in fact I’m not sure I’ve ever sat in a more comfortable seat anywhere else. As a so-cal native, I know that I’ll be back time and time again, and I’ve already made the AMC at Universal CityWalk my home theatre of choice.