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The Poke Craze

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Poke (/poʊˈkeɪ/ ) is an appetizer or entree that has been a favorite for many who like to indulge in Hawaiian culture. This raw fish salad has become an increasingly popular food trend for those who are looking to try something healthy and flavorful. Poke has been a traditional Hawaiian dish for years, and surely it has surprised many with it fresh and delectable taste. The health benefits from the salad such as protein, omega-3, fiber, and essential nutrients are more beneficial than any other food trend. Not only does it appear nutritionally appetizing there is certainly more to Poke than meets the eye.

This food craze began as a snack for fishermen. Influenced by Asian cultures, fishermen would season their raw fish with ingredients such as; soy sauce, green onion, and sesame oil. Traditionally, Hawaiian Poke consists of raw fish that has been gutted, skinned, and deboned and mostly served with a side of salt and seaweed. Poke became popular and sparked interests in the late 1970’s, with variations on tuna such as; He’e (octopus), raw salmon, and other types of shellfish.

Local Poke

California Fish Grill,  Upland, CA

California Fish Grill

The California Fish Grill located in Upland has a wide variety of seafood that is absolutely spectacular. However, what is most spectacular is their freshly made Ahi Poke as an appetizer for a wallet pleasing price. This is one of many great places in Upland where you can find a healthy helping of Poke.

Bites and Blooms

Bites & Blooms, Upland, CA

Bites & Blooms is an excellent little shop in Upland containing many healthy and delicious foods and is stockpiled with flowers available for purchase. They serve many great dishes; one of which is fresh Poke. With its 5-star ratings across the internet and brilliant reviews; this is another great spot in Upland to find great Poke for a great price.

Poke Dot, Claremont, CA

Poke Dot

An amazing restaurant in Claremont; Poke Dot is one of the few restaurants in California that sells exquisite Poke cuisine for a great price with the freshest ingredients possible. It allows you to customize a bowl of your choosing with over 20 ingredients to choose from. This is a healthy way to make sure you get the nutrition you need served in the way you want it. Poke Dot could be your future go-to restaurant for delicious Poke at a great price.