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Say Yes to the Dress!

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Photography by Frank Perez

The month of June has always been the highlight of a very special occasion. This summer season is full of blooming essences of love. Weddings are a part of this special month but a new trend is changing the wedding season.

The origin of weddings comes from an ancient mythological deity, Juno, a Roman goddess. She was the goddess and protector of women in all aspects of their lives.  She was especially known to be the goddess of marriage and childbearing. Juno (as referred to in Latin), or June, is the month commonly revered to hold a wedding. This auspicious month also originated from the Celtic calendar. Due to these beliefs, most weddings were commonly placed in the month of June. 

Photography by Frank Perez

In 2017, saying yes to the dress just became a little more expansive in style and theme for those yet-to-be-lovebirds to try out. Weddings aren’t just fit for the month of June anymore.

New wedding trends for those interested in trying something different are the destination weddings and weddings in other months of the year. A new place, either exotic or quiet; give couples the opportunity to celebrate their betrothal in a gorgeous setting of their choosing. Destination weddings are a go-to idea for those feeling both frivolous and adventurous. 

If choosing a fall wedding there are flowers in earthy tones to set the autumn mood just right.  Fall weddings are for those who are feeling more in touch with the earth and its colors. 

Winter wonderland themed weddings surround guests with snowflakes and cool colors.

Summer destinations are high on the list of wedding travelers to romantic Hawaii and Mexico beaches for ceremonies on the sand and receptions overlooking the ocean.

These trends are suited for any couple looking to discover how to make their special day more extraordinary. It seems every bride will not only be “saying yes to the dress,” but saying yes to trying out these spectacular new places and different times of the year for their memorable day.